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Risk Preparation & Planning

Fischer Wealth Management's
Risk Philosophy

Anyone who is interested in accumulating wealth must also be interested in risk management. The cruel reality is that only a small percentage of people actually accumulate meaningful wealth. It was not that they did not earn enough money because many people do. The problem was that they did not plan for the land mines of life, and life certainly delivers some serious challenges to all of us. For example, some get sick, some get hurt, and some may experience both. Just one of these events of six months or so has the potential to wipe out 10 years of savings. Even more devastating is the 'time value of money' quotient of your retirement. Others have a spouse or child that die too soon. Think of losing that loved one and the implications that has on your life and wealth. A valued financial planner must consider the potential risks that our clients, our friends, would have in the event of one of these devastating occurrences. 

At Fischer Wealth, we are passionate to try to protect our clients and their assets. We have relationships with many of the top companies in America. By organizing this way, the companies actually compete for your business. Our advisors work for you to find the highest quality, best priced insurance from these top-rated companies to best fit needs of the client. Whether you are looking to protect your family and loved ones with life insurance, your current income with disability insurance, your hard-earned retirement assets with long-term care insurance, or to set aside money for your final expenses, our advisors are exceptionally equipped to meet your obligations.


Insurance Planning


Life insurance wears many more hats than one might think, and planning is best done earlier rather than later. Having the proper life insurance is knowing that in case of that unforeseen circumstance, there's a plan in place.  


Your ability to make money is your greatest asset. At Fischer Wealth we stress this as an important piece of a financial plan. Protecting your income is essential to protecting your future. 

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care is something that a lot of people want to put on the back burner until it starts to smoke - they'll address it when it's an issue. We usually end up talking to people who have had an experience with a long-term care need of a parent, relative, or close friend.  Our goal is to have that conversation before it becomes an issue of urgency. 

Small Businesses

Running a small business is no easy task. Fischer Wealth Management understands the issues that small business owners may incur.  Whether there is a change, death, or disability in ownership, we work to make sure that your business remains intact. 

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