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Take Back Your Time

The bad news is that time flies, the good news is you're the pilot.

-Michael Althsuler


Time is a person's greatest asset. For most, time is actually money. At Fischer Wealth Management, we work with you to implement straightforward objectives around making the most of your money and your time.  

A Virtual Practice

While Fischer Wealth Management is based in the Milwaukee area, we serve clients throughout the United States. We are currently connected to 18 different states. With the ability to conduct virtual planning sessions, there is no need to sit in traffic or miss out on precious family time. Your time is valuable and worth saving. Our objective it to provide convenience and accessibility to everyone that we work for.

How Working with an Advisor Will Save You Time

Sports Style Management

At Fischer Wealth Management, the client is always the owner. Our advisors operate as the general managers and are able to take the reins at the direction of the owner. As a result of that relationship, the advisors are able to act in such a way to move the team, as a whole, forward. Advisors are able to personally manage or hire coaches to manage the owners' assets, giving the clients the opportunity to experience the right blend of management features that they desire.

Mental and Physical Freedom

Working with a financial advisor frees up a considerable measure of your time and additionally relieves a great deal of mental stress. Having another person do the thinking and research, and then sharing with you their findings, does not simply free up a considerable measure of your time, but additionally liberates your mind from a ton of mental pre-occupation. The best part is that you can continue to concentrate on whatever it is that needs your immediate attention at any given point in life.  This freedom helps you address professional and individual needs better while still feeling secure about your future and finances. 


The financial industry has taken something that was relatively easy and made it extremely hard to understand. The financial industry is unpredictable with complicated terms, ideas, applications. There are constantly changing theories that are grinding away in the background, enough to drive the average person insane. Our goals are to simplify the complication so that clients understand why we are doing what we're doing for them. This education gives clients clarity and a sense of understanding that they should have regarding their assets.

Information Saturation

With the growth of technology, there's a considerable amount of information available online. The sorting out of this information requires both time and a considerable measure of information of the industry. With this much information there's additionally an equivalent amount of frustration connected to the perils of not sufficiently knowing before you invest. Working with an advisor to help explain the language into something that you can understand, not only provides better understanding, but also allows for advice-driven solutions to obstacles you may not even have known you had.

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