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A Company for the People

Jim Fischer and Brian Kurth created Fischer Wealth Management in 2009 after managing 150 other advisors for a captive company. They felt that the company was beginning to focus more on client quantity instead of client quality of service. After 15-plus years with the company, the two of them decided to form what they believe to be the ideal wealth management firm in Fischer Wealth Management. FWM has now grown to 4 locations, 3 in Wisconsin and one additional location in North Carolina. While based in Wisconsin, Fischer Wealth has clients in 18 other states.

     Moral Dilemma No More

Previously, Jim and Brian were only able to offer their clients what one company offered. They like to talk about how they could only offer "what was in the box". This created a moral dilemma for them as far as what they should tell the client. Should they tell the client that this was the best that they could offer or should they tell them that there were better options outside of the company? These were the questions that ultimately lead to the client based structure that Fischer Wealth Management is built upon. Jim, Brian and the rest of the advisors at Fischer Wealth Management, now work for their clients, and not one specific company. They are able to find the best solutions and shop the best prices specifically geared to the clients interests.  


You are the owner and we are the general manager of your financial future. Clients hire us to lead them down the path of financial success. We do not have a definition of your financial success, you do. We work with you to find out what financial success looks like through your eyes and we strive to execute that strategy on your behalf. Being a fee-based wealth management firm, it is our incentive to create life-long clients and not one time sales. We maintain the utmost transparency in our advisory fee structure and encourage our clients to ask questions. The ethics and drive instilled in our advisors from Jim and Brian on down, is what allows Fischer Wealth Management to continue to succeed at the highest levels of Investment and Risk Management.